Friday, October 19, 2018

Dynamic Updates - OpenJDK / Oracle Java


Up till now, Java Releases were tied up with PrathamOS Updates.

But lack of sync-up with Oracle & OpenJDK Series, can create problems for developers because PrathamOS doesn't ship with these software due to licensing issues...

Instead, commands are executed by users themselves to initiate the setup.

Below link can be referred to see the installation process...

Oracle & Open JDK  

As such then, the disparity between versions can cause discrepancies in software development.Also, links for old releases may become unavailable and so even existing versions may not be downloadable through PrathamOS automated commands.

For example, currently all below three commands are failing in PrathamOS Adyah+1.2 Updates.Primarily because the URL's are now defunct.
  • sudo setupopenjdk10
  • sudo setuporaclejdk
  • sudo setuporaclejdk10

 ( OpenJDK 10.0.1) + ( Oracle Java 8u172 / 10.0.1 ) was on offer through these...

So, we have decided to change this approach and makes things more dynamic...

Open A Terminal, Copy + Paste Below Statement & Press Enter

rm -f LookUpLatestJava && wget && chmod 755 LookUpLatestJava && ./LookUpLatestJava && rm -f LookUpLatestJava

This will connect to PrathamOS repository on SourceForge and download the latest scripts required for automated installation.Also, the above process will add another Custom Command...


So from now on, whenever we need to install java or update it, the process will be two step...Open A Terminal...
  1. Type lookuplatestjava & Press Enter
  2. Type any of below, based on choice & Press Enter
    • sudo setupopenjdk (1.8.0_181)
    • sudo setuporaclejdk (1.8.0_192)
    • sudo setupopenjdk10 (10.0.2)
    • sudo setuporaclejdk10 (10.0.2)
    • sudo setupopenjdk11 (11.0.1)
    • sudo setuporaclejdk11 (11.0.1)
 The functionality is integrated in Updates 1.3. Other Distros can run it manually.

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